Monday, August 20, 2012

The Smoothie Series (cont.)

At first I thought 3 posts 3 days in a row would be easy, maybe even fun. Turns out I only have enough creative juice to last me through 2 posts back to back, and this third one is creating such a sense of writers block I'm starting to doubt my brain's abilities. Vanity is an ugly thing, and my desire to appear witty and gregarious to you people is crippling me further. I feel like every sentence I type looks like this: "me want blog awesome, smoothie drink healthy belly happy." 

 Sigh, in a last ditch effort to not become a sad cavewoman blogger that scares you all off I did what any sane person would do... I googled "foods that are good for your brain" and went to this BBC link: Those crafty Brits are saving the day. Blueberries and nuts are both on that list. I formed a plan to mix the two, and finish this post before I curl up in bed and bemoan my failure as a smoothie author. <- This is what bone-crushing reality I could befall. Just think of the therapy bills I could wrack up!

If we are being completely honest, I can now tell you that after I typed that last paragraph I left my apartment, drove to the store, and purchased frozen berries, frozen mango, and vanilla almond yogurt. I have since then, returned home, made a smoothie and am sipping on it now as I type. 

There she is folks, the Berry Brainy Beverage. I don't feel smarter as I drink it through my fancy green straw, but I do like the way it tastes so I am more inclined to continue typing about it. And isn't that what this adventure is all about? That is a rhetorical question. 

Berry Brainy Beverage
serves one self defeated blogger (or one person who likes berries)
gluten free

1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen rasberries
1 cup frozen mango
1 cup vanilla almond yogurt
1 heaping spoon full of almond butter

All right you know the drill! Throw this list of fantasticalness into your blender and blend away! Blend... BLEND I say! Then you too can sit by your computer while drinking this delightful concoction. 

Note, this smoothie is a wee bit thicker so you may want to add a little almond milk if you like your smoothies to be sucked up a straw with ease. 

Nom, nom, nom, this one is like a dessert. I am a happy cave lady. Me drink you read, bye bye. <- Whoa, my deepest apologies for the explosion of unfortunate cheeseball humor. It was like a force of nature that couldn't be stopped. Now go forth and smoothie away. 

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