Why does the "about" page carry with it such a tremendous amount of pressure? I feel like I have to do a special song and dance here to give the illusion that I am a super hero with super-foods as my weapon of choice! Wait a second that could be an entertaining little comic strip...perhaps my utility belt could have patty pan squash for ninja stars... I digress (per my usual slightly ADD ways).

Its me! 
I'm Casey Erlanson, founder and owner of Girl On Top Catering. I'm another one of those stories we blogger folk read about. Woman works 8-5 job, woman feels her soul crushing as she is trapped indoors, woman loves cooking, woman leaves office to start own company, woman starts to blog about cooking, woman finds ultimate happiness with healthy food. That my friends is the epically short version to a long long tale. I don't want to waste this valuable page with a never ending saga of my life's choices; instead, I want to hone in on why I love this blog and why I hope you will too!

WAY too often people are settling for a less than healthy lifestyle. Obesity is becoming (if not already) an epidemic that is carrying with it countless diseases that are all preventable. Even if a person's weight isn't considered obese the lack of healthy options for people will still cause diseases that are preventable. I don't pretend to be a nutritionist, but I do promote what intelligent nutritionists are preaching:


These are just a few of the awesome resources out there for people to check out, and I hope you do! However, a problem I keep hearing is that people want to start eating healthier after learning more, but don't know how or where to start. Enter my catering company in Los Angeles. We are constantly promoting healthy delicious meal plans for events, private small parties, or simply bringing a well balanced plant based meal to your home. Everything I make is created from a plant based diet, and has proven to wow the most ardent carnivore to the classic vegan. This is my mission, to prove to people that healthy food doesn't mean sacrificing taste.

The official logo :)
As the catering company grows, and with it my unending childlike enthusiasm, the blog just seemed like the logical next step. I am so excited to share with you recipes that we make in our catering kitchen and recipes I make in my kitchen at home. I want this blog to be a starting point for people looking to eat healthier, and I want it to be a resource for folks already in the healthy vibe to add new meals to the dinner table. None of the recipes presented in this blog are going to be painstaking and labor-intensive. Instead, each one is accesible to any level of cooking knowledge. Cooking should be fun, and the end result should energize and heal your body so that you can go out and participate in fun activities!

So to summarize... I love cooking, I don't love giant corporations selling unhealthy nast to the public, and I want this blog to be a resource to folks who are looking for more information about food/nutrition and a recipe index for your kitchen. So please check out the blog, and shoot me an email if you have questions. I love talking foodie shop, and welcome any and all emails. Happy eating my friends!

Photo credit for the blog goes to the Manfriend Travis Farrell

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